Indistinguishable From Magic Epilogue by Florimel

From an email:

Here is what I think of what happens to the friendship over the next sometime.

Constance will marry Khalid and will settle down.

Worthington will go off with Mary, very soon after the last game and disappear for a while. He will return 3 years later with about five adult children each with their own “demon” like Mary.

Shau will be the first to die when he reaches about 60 or so. So 40 years after the last game. Lady Arwynne will mourn herself to death shortly thereafter.

About 15 years later Vahla will die. His fight with the Talisman damaged him in ways that were too deep to notice at first. His regeneration power will have kept him “hale” till it just no longer could keep up. Koshi would stay around till her 12 kids had great grandchildren and the monastery was fully functional and dedicated to Harmony. Then she would quietly switch herself off.

It would be another 50 years or so for Uula to finally get very old and pass on, surrounded by her children and children’s children. After that Leonard will take the advice of the Pantheon and go off to the Ghost’s world and fall asleep for a while until it was time for him to take over for the fallen Ben Adams.

Ben Adams will wander off and do much the same as what you did only with the “new” worlds. Seeing how far the “angels” have pushed the boundary of “painted lands 2.0” He will disappear form sight.

Sometime after that Constance will finally die outliving Khalid by a score of years. She will have been the longest running member of the Friendship Council.

Tisk will actually last the longest mainly because she splits her time between Ghost’s world and Fairy, in both of which time flows differently. Eventually her body will also give out as the constant temporal change will have a detrimental effect on her cellular structure.

Onuban, having expressed a desire to live forever and having the ability to clone anyone else’s Anomalous/Heretical powers onto himself, will become frightfully powerful. He will, as he stated, travel through all the old empty “painted lands” and then quietly switch them off so no hostile life forms can use them as a stronghold. He and Melisae will have a family of their own, and they will tour the multiverse just keeping an eye on things. He will also create the Knights of Harmony, powerful creatures that are 100% devoted to the ideals of Harmony.

Indistinguishable From Magic Epilogue by Florimel

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